…but ever so social. We all have principles. This plays a key role in most decisions we make. However, why we choose not to be present on any social media platform is for a different reason.

We believe that in the vast and growing worldwide digital jungle, face-to-face communication is losing emphasis. How can we get a feel for what a client wants to put out to the world, when all we see is what they have chosen to put out and not what we perceive? The value of face-to-face meetings or real time phone calls is crucial for us. Some believe it takes 30 seconds to form a first impression. Others believe it takes 2-3 seconds. A study done by Princeton psychologists found it takes only a tenth of a second to form an impression of somebody.

We want to sit down with you, enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, have a conversation with quality, we want to see your smile and hear your ideas. We don’t want to read or see cliché sayings posted online. Our work speaks for us, our clients speak for us.