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Is it time for a change? Would you like an update of your current website or a complete new approach, a multilingual site or a translation but you have no time to do it all? Let’s sit together and brainstorm. Tell us what you have in mind and leave the dirty work to us!

We stand for quality not quantity, quick response time and efficient and meticulous solutions catered to your needs.


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Webdesign is not only html coding, it is not only choosing a layout and filling in content. It is a message to the world, it is a sales campaign, it is your personality, a company introduction, a reference site, a booking platform and so much more! We specialise in tailor-made solutions, guaranteed to make your website stand out from the rest.

The best website is useless if you can’t be found. We create websites easy for Google and search engines alike to index and find. We know what to look out for and structure the content accordingly. If you decide to run a Google Ad campaign – no problem, the website will be set up for it. However, we do not offer this service ourselves – we believe there are professionals out there far more experienced than we are.

We develop your web presence according to your corporate design or ideas. Not too much and not too little. Not only is your website straightforward and intuitive for your visitor but also equally manageable for you to maintain. We offer no nonsense, no hassle solutions made to your requirements.

We work with WordPress, the worlds‘ most used content management system. Why? Because it’s still going to be around in a few years. Its maintained, safe and free. We buy Plugins and other software to make your website work. Why? Because it’s cheaper for you this way. We don’t write the code from scratch, we buy it and adjust it to your needs. Usually the costs for all the Plugins we use on a site are less than what we charge for an hour of work, saving you a lot of money.

All our websites are responsive, they look great and are easy to use on any device your visitor uses.

Hardware, tickets of any kind, gift certificates, electronic downloads and so on. No matter the product, we offer complete solutions to display, sell and pay for your products.

Most websites are not maintained and updated often enough, simply because it’s just too difficult and complicated for most. Not with our solutions. Let’s say you want to post news: take a few photos with your mobile phone while out on the job, attach them to an email and send it. Congratulations! You just updated your website. The title from the email is the post title, the content is the content and the images are automatically processed to fit your needs. That’s all there is to it.

If you would like to have your website in other languages, no problem – we’ve got you covered. We are in contact with some of the leading translation services around the world and can organise professional translations at a competitive rate.

If you have an old website in another CMS – thats fine. We will grab your data from there and import it into WordPress. We will neither work with nor maintain any other CMS than WordPress. Why? We specialize in WordPress, we leave the other systems to the professionals out there who know them far better than we do. Be careful if a company tries to sell a corner solution in another CMS. It may not be out there for long and results in extra time and money wasted as in the end you will have to get it imported into a new system.

We program all of our websites with and in WordPress, making them compatible with almost any existing server. If you already have your website on a server, no need to change anything – we will keep it that way. Should you need a domain and a host for your new site, we offer hosting at a competitive price.

If there is something you still don’t understand or you just want a website – reach out to us, we will explain how it works. Scroll to the bottom of the page to our phone number or send us an email.


What's YOUR message?

Have you ever read a text in a foreign country and thought to yourself, ” Something is just not right”? Or studied a menu in a café or restaurant in a touristy area, baffled by the elaborate explanation, not knowing what will turn up on your plate? Has a conversation turned sour, a business deal gone wrong or a relationship not flourished just because one simple sentence was wrong or misunderstood?
Getting your message across simply and efficiently is the key to modern day communication. We strive to put the right words in the right context and still stay authentic.

Language is not only just words, it is also personality and culture. Let us give your text feeling and flow.


Native English speaker. Target Language English. Adventure Sports, Outdoor and Tourism specialist.

Website, Blog or Presentation

Websites, gear guides, tourist information, athlete profiles, presentations, advertising, travel blogs, you name it!

To err is human, to edit is divine

Text editing, proofreading, corrections, updates, anything you need a second opinion on.


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Between all of us, we have a vast range of work and years of experience. If you aren’t sure we are the right partner for you, have a look at some of our previous concoctions. There is a little bit of everything, just like in a balanced meal.




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What you do best is what you are passionate about

We are a bunch of friends, sports enthusiasts, nomads, animal lovers, tech nerds, kids at heart and most of all hard workers at our trades. Read about what we have to say here.

Drive. If there is just one word to describe Ruben, it’s drive. In anything he does, there is true ambition. Born in Eastern Switzerland with a huge portion of energy and curiosity, he later ventured out into the world with a paraglider at a very young age, spent hours hanging on a climbing rope and discovered the exotic world of India and Morocco by motorbike. But life wasn’t only about fun and games. He obtained his degree as an Apple Service Engineer and made a name for himself in the IT world combining this with extensive hours in the air flying aerobatics, tandems or basically out doing anything having to do with wind. Ruben has a knack for perfection and efficiency, making sure your web solution is the best around. Years of experience and learning have brought him to where he is today, ready to cater to your needs. If he doesn’t know it already, he will research it until it’s part of his hard-drive. Although he might not be in your corner of the world, Ruben is extremely flexible and you can reach him at any time of day, thanks to his high-tech office on wheels!


Ever since she was a child, languages have fascinated her. Before adding French, German and Italian to her native tongue of English, she spent hours making up her own dialect, confusing everyone around her. We all grow up, things eventually get more serious but what we love doing often stays the same. From the moment she stepped into the commercial world, translating has been part of her life. If coordinating a sales meeting for various sports brands or putting together a presentation for athletes and friends of hers, her language skills have always been called for and the terminology part of her everyday conversation. Her work portfolio entails website translations in the outdoor, adventure and tourism industry, advertising and promo work, brand and product information, blog posts, travelogues, athlete presentations, magazine articles and much more. Today, you will find her out in the water or cruising down a mountain, but still making sure your deadline will be reached and last-minute assignments on your table when needed!

Reach out to her, no matter the language!

Our lively Spanish team member and definitely close to Ruben on the podium when it comes to drive and ambition.
Jeronimo is like the waves he so passionately surfs on, powerful, full of natural energy and consistent. He spent his younger years in a coastal surf town in Northern Spain only to later start up several successful businesses of his own on the Canary Islands. New hobbies and a few jobs in paragliding eventually lead him to Switzerland where he now lives. Jeronimo is the allrounder in our team, putting together codes, creating layouts, doing graphic design, forever bringing new ideas and motivation to the team. If one of us is stuck, he will surely find a solution in no time and often his inputs come in at hours when normal people are asleep! He is also fluent in Spanish and English, broadening our horizon in many ways. If he is not up in the air or on some remote beach, you will find him training his dog or taking care of his plants in the garden. He is the fastest subject changer around, keeping our minds and our work fresh and new.

Need some help? Ask Jero!


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